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2015Educational activities about the AcropolisBook
2012The Educational programme "A day at the Acropolis restoring its monuments". The Acropolis Restoration News, YSMA, Issue 12Publication
2013Educational programme "A day in the Acropolis, restoring its monuments"Video
2003"Educational programmes at the Acropolis". The Acropolis Restoration News, YSMA, Issue 3Publication
1994"Educational Programmes on the Athenian Acropolis". Acropolis Restoration, The C.C.A.M. InterventionsPublication
1988"Educational Programmes on the Athenian Acropolis". CECA Proceedings 88 (abstract in english)Publication
2006"Education through a Classical Architecture Museum: the Athenian Acropolis Case". Conference proceedings, International Confederation of Architectural Museums (ICAM 13)Publication
1996"Education Through the Acropolis Monuments". Proceedings of the Osaka city University International Symposium on Preservation of Cultural Heritage in Athens and Osaka (available also in japanese )Publication
2001"Education through the Athenian Acropolis". Barrierfree: The Magazine of the Museums and Galleries Disability Association, Issue 8Publication
2005"Education through the Athenian Acropolis" in the Journal of Classics Teaching, number 4Publication
2003"Education through the Athenian Acropolis". Quaderni ARCo, Restauro-Storia e TecnicaPublication
1985Erechtheion. A model of. View from the eastImage
1986Erechtheion. A view of the southwest side during the works of restorationImage
1990Erechtheion. Floor-planImage
1979Erechtheion. One of the six Karyatids after its transportation to the Acropolis MuseumImage
1988Erechtheion. View from the east after the restoration of the templeImage
1988Erechtheion. View of the north side after the restorationImage
1988Erechtheion. View of the southwest side after the restoration of the templeImage
2015Exploration map of the Acropolis for childrenLeaflet
Showing results 51 to 70 of 299