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Title:  Ancient Greek Dress
Author/Creator: Χατζηασλάνη, Κορνηλία / Hadziaslani, Cornelia
Καϊμάρα, Ειρήνη / Kaimara, Irene
Λεοντή, Ασημίνα / Leonti, Asimina
Contributor: Other: Χορηγός στην ανανεωμένη έκδοση: Ένωση Φίλων Ακροπόλεως / Renewal of the kit sponsored by: Friends of Acropolis Society
Type: Museum Kit
Date: 1990
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11174/180
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Abstract:  The present form of the kit is a 3rd revised edition, 2018. (2nd edition: 1999). Ancient Greek clothing is a particularly interesting aspect of daily life in antiquity for pupils, and can be seen in almost all ancient sculpture and vases. The kit contains a number of copies of the main types of ancient dress, both for men (short and long himatia, an exomis, and a chlamys) and women (a peplos, a sleeved chiton with himation, and a sleeveless chiton with himation). Also included are accessories such as pins, brooches and belts, as well as print and digital visual material. Pupils can try on the clothes and become acquainted with the types of ancient clothing and the way they were worn in antiquity.
Executing Organisation: Υπηρεσία Συντήρησης Μνημείων Ακρόπολης
Acropolis Restoration Service
User Role: Educator
Curriculum: Drama
Arts and Crafts
Modern Greek
Educational Level: Preschool Education
Primary Education
Secondary Education
Higher Education
Subject: Daily Life
Language: Greek