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Title:  Ancient Greek Musical Instruments
Author/Creator: Χατζηασλάνη, Κορνηλία / Hadziaslani, Cornelia
Καϊμάρα, Ειρήνη / Kaimara, Irene
Λεοντή, Ασημίνα / Leonti, Asimina
Type: Museum Kit
Date: 1990
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11174/181
Abstract:  Ancient Greeks considered music a necessary element to every human artistic and intellectual activity as well as of everyday life. They believed that it forms man’s character and thus it is an ideal medium to help bringing up the young. Music was taught at school, or at home, it accompanied the games and it was present everywhere. The Kit contains copies of the original instruments: strings (a lyre ),wind (double auloi with reeds, a salpinx or trompet, a horn and Pan’s syrinx), percussion (a tympanon, two sets of crotals and a set of cymbals). With the help of slides, books and taped music, the pupils can study the instruments and locate them illustrated on ancient vases and sculptures.
Executing Organisation: Υπηρεσία Συντήρησης Μνημείων Ακρόπολης / Acropolis Restoration Service
User Role: Student
Educational Level: Preschool Education
Primary Education
Secondary Education
Higher Education
Life Long Education
Subject: Daily Life
Language: Greek