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Title:  A day on the Acropolis in search of the Goddess Athena
Author/Creator: Χατζηασλάνη, Κορνηλία / Hadziaslani, Cornelia
Type: Leaflet
Date: 1995
Publisher: Υπηρεσία Συντήρησης Μνημείων Ακρόπολης
Acropolis Restoration Service
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11174/22
Other Identifiers: ISBN: 960-214-756-3
ISBN: 960-214-757-1
Is Part Of: Πάμε στην Ακρόπολη [Museum Kit ]
Abstract:  The booklet helps the pupils to explore the archaeological site and to become familiar with the topography of the monuments on the Sacred Rock through a search for the statues of the goddess Athena, who was worshipped on the Acropolis in many different forms. The individual statues are described, the various materials of which they were made, their proportions, their relation to the building and the place. Described too are the characteristics of the goddess, her symbols/attributes, her myths and her worship in ancient Athens. With this booklet the pupils can visit the Acropolis Museum to look for statues of the goddess Athena on the basis of what they have learned. They can also attach stickers of the various statues of the goddess to a perspective drawing of the Acropolis Rock.
Extent: 16 σελίδες / 16 pages
User Role: Student
Curriculum: History
Arts and Crafts
Modern Greek
Educational Level: Primary Education
Secondary Education
Subject: Architecture
Goddess Athena
Language: Greek
Monument: Parthenon
Athena Nike
The Athenian Acropolis