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2005The Olympian Gods at the Parthenon FriezeLeaflet
1994Oι εκπαιδευτικοί μιλούν για την Aκρόπολη, Περιοδικό Aρχαιολογία, τεύχος 52Publication
2007Pack with fliers with colour drawings featuring wellknown myths for every godLeaflet
2004Parthenon. A detail of the block III of the western frieze, during its cleaning with laser-light.Image
1987Parthenon. A drawing depicting the ancient temple converted into an Ottoman mosque during the 17th cent. Drawing by M. Korres.Image
1993The Parthenon, after the restoration of the east side.Image
2005Parthenon. A model of. View of the place where the statue stood inside the cella.Image
2003Parthenon. A supplement on the architrave made of new marble.Image
1995Parthenon. A view of the north side.Image
1987Parthenon. A view of the northwest side of the temple before the restoration works.Image
2003Parthenon. Cleaning the western frieze using the laser-light method in the laboratory.Image
1991The Parthenon during the restoration of the east side.Image
1987Parthenon. Floor-plan of the temple.Image
2003The Parthenon FriezeMuseum Kit
2009Parthenon Frieze Repository, http://repository.parthenonfrieze.gr/Online Application
2009The Parthenon Frieze, www.parthenonfrieze.grOnline Application
2000Parthenon PromenadesBook
1987Parthenon. Representation of the interior of the temple just after the fire of the end of the 4th cent. AD. Drawing by M. Korres.Image
2009The Parthenon SculpturesBook
2016The Parthenon SculpturesFamily Backpack
Showing results 114 to 133 of 284