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Title:  A Greek Temple
Author/Creator: Χατζηασλάνη, Κορνηλία / Hadziaslani, Cornelia
Καϊμάρα, Ειρήνη / Kaimara, Irene
Λεοντή, Ασημίνα / Leonti, Asimina
Type: Museum Kit
Date: 2001
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11174/175
Has Part: Ένας Αρχαίος Ναός [Book]
Is Related to: Ακρόπολη και Εκπαίδευση [Book]
Οικία Σαριπόλου [Leaflet]
Kίονες των τριών ρυθμών της αρχαίας ελληνικής αρχιτεκτονικής. [Poster]
Ακρόπολη και Αναστήλωση [Teacher's Pack]
Ένας Αρχαίος Ναός / ancienttemple.ysma.gr [Online Application]
Abstract:  Greece today is a land full of monuments with the forms of classical architecture. Every city has buildings in which we can recognize the same features of the Doric, Ionic and Corinthian orders. The Museum Kit “A Greek Temple” helps both educator and pupil to study and understand temple architecture in a pleasant and creative way. It contains a model of the Parthenon at a scale of 1 : 800, three columns (Doric, Ionic and Corinthian) and 16 rubber stamps with which the pupils can compose the three orders. With the assistance of a book describing the ancient temples, their use and function, their form, their sculptural and painted decoration and their construction, the pupils can study both ancient and neoclassical buildings. The book is accompanied by drawings and photographs of the best known temples preserved in good condition throughout Greece.
Executing Organisation: Υπηρεσία Συντήρησης Μνημείων Ακρόπολης / Acropolis Restoration Service
User Role: Student
Curriculum: History
Arts and Crafts
Modern Greek
Educational Level: Primary Education
Secondary Education
Language: Greek
Monument: Parthenon
Athena Nike
The Athenian Acropolis
The Acropolis slopes
Other monuments