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Title:  The Parthenon Sculptures
Author/Creator: Χατζηασλάνη, Κορνηλία / Hadziaslani, Cornelia
Καϊμάρα, Ειρήνη / Kaimara, Irene
Λεοντή, Ασημίνα / Leonti, Asimina
Contributor: Illustrator: Ζουρνατζή, Έλενα / Zournatzi, Elena
Type: Family Backpack
Date: 2016
Publisher: Μουσείο Ακρόπολης
Acropolis Museum
URI: http://repository.acropolis-education.gr/acr_edu/handle/11174/370
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Abstract:  The backpack “The Parthenon Sculptures” aims to help families explore the rich sculptural decoration of the Parthenon. Kids from 8 years old take a walk inside the Parthenon Gallery, see the sculptures that decorated the temple and with the use of a specially designed map, discover the histories the sculptures depict. During their exploration, kids put stickers on their maps when they recognize a specific exhibit inside the museum. Four colored pouches with games and surprises help children develop their observation, associate the exhibits with their knowledge and experience and have fun.
Executing Organisation: Μουσείο Ακρόπολης - Υπηρεσία Συντήρησης Μνημείων Ακρόπολης-Τομέας Ενημέρωσης & Εκπαίδευσης
Acropolis Museum - Acropolis Restoration Service-Department of Information & Education
User Role: Family
Educational Level: Primary Education
Subject: Sculpture
Language: Greek
Monument: Parthenon